I’m a scotch-sipping, night-cheese eating, vinyl-listening, Vancouverite living with her favourite redhead in Toronto, ON.

At ON RECORDS, I write about music that I love. Sometimes, I write about current/newish albums, but a lot of the time I’m listening to throwbacks and classics.  Lately I’ve been writing a mixture of the two with the Old/New/Borrowed/Blue series.

I really like lists as well, so occasionally I make them about my other favourite things, like music videos or songs.  Each December I make a year end list like this one, and every March Madness I create some music related brackets, where I invite you to get your vote on.

So join me in listening to some decent records, and feel free to share your thoughts and comment your comments below.  If you are interested in finding new music, I do a little tweeting @DJWhySoSerious.


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