Femcee Madness Sweet 16: SW (Fresher)

The youngest group of femcees are the last to go to battle. This has been by far the most turbulent, unpredictable bracket, with upsets in every round. And just like every other quadrant, the choices are about to get even worse. Welcome to the madness! As has been my custom (for the past 2 rounds), here’s a Spotify playlist if you’d like a few more selections from the competition: https://play.spotify.com/user/dancevera/playlist/5RMykuLs7H41u08BGP6Ofc. Otherwise, the polls are open and waiting for you below.


(8) Noname    vs.    (13) Lizzo

Yes. This is really happening. It was finally Noname who gave Little Simz – the biggest upset of the competition – the boot last round. Noname’s been consistently blowing up, having to swap for larger venues and add nights to her tour. Her poeticism is something like we haven’t heard before (or at least since Lauryn Hill). And now she takes on another force to be reckoned with. Lizzo has similarly jumped from underground hip hop organizer to being nearly a household name (at least my kind of households). On top of her clever wordplay and energetic flow, she is known for preaching a message of self-love and acceptance, so that’s great. This poll might just kill me, so I get it if you need to take a minute. Tell you what, if you go ahead and purchase both of these rappers’ albums you might feel better about having to pick just one.

(14) Sammus    vs.    (2) Rapsody

Sammus is the lowest seeded rapper still in this competition, having begun the competition by taking out the 3rd seed Tink, and then last round she not only upset 6th seeded Dej Loaf, she did so with 100% of the vote. By the way she’s making it through these brackets, I don’t think it’s helpful to see her as an underdog anymore. The girl came to play. And now she’s looking to make her biggest upset yet, against Rapsody who is the highest seed left in this quadrant. But South Carolina’s own will not go down easily, if at all. Her laid-back flow paired with piercing and reference-filled lyrics are not really comparable to anyone else, although sometimes she reminds me of what MC Lyte might sound like if she were born a decade later. Then again, would Rapsody be Rapsody without MC Lyte? Or more importantly, can she defend her top seed against this up-and-comer out of upstate New York?

See you on the weekend with the Elite 8! In the meantime, make sure you place your votes for the other quads if you haven’t already. All necessary links are below. Enjoy!

Femcee Madness Sweet 16: NE (NYC Vets)

Femcee Madness Sweet 16: SE (NJ/Philly Vets)

Femcee Madness Sweet 16: NW (Fresh)


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