Femcee Madness Sweet 16: NW (Fresh)

The NW brackets certainly have a few more surprises than the Veterans did. Check out the updates below and make your choices to put two of the femcees below into a spot in the Elite 8! For a few more selections from each rapper, feel free to make use of this handy Spotify playlist as well: https://play.spotify.com/user/dancevera/playlist/21EGoBcWQq4EP5Q5TwWPyK


(1) Nicki Minaj    vs.    (5) M.I.A.

Nicki Minaj has been slaying her opponents thus far like baby dragons, but now she comes up against an far more appropriate contender in M.I.A., who has had a few close calls as she had to knock out Khia before barely coming out on top against Rah Digga. Both women are total bosses, with their interest in art and performance extending beyond their rhymes and verses. Though they are relatively new to the game (compared to anyone on the east side of the brackets), Nicki and M.I.A. have in their own ways pushed the boundaries and limits of what rap music can be. Who deserves to move on? That choice is up to you.

(3) Remy Ma    vs.    (10) Sa-Roc

Remy Ma has been back in the spotlight with her Nicki diss shETHER, and her album released with long-time collaborator, Fat Joe, and she is swinging she has something to prove. Her performances have an extra dose of attitude and energy, like she’s about enter a real fight ring. Sa-Roc is a very exciting underdog, who is relatively unknown, but has clearly caught enough listeners to pick her over the southern diva, Trina, making for one of the biggest upsets of the tournament so far!

Remy takes her turn at 1:37.

If you haven’t voted for the veterans yet, the links are below. Enjoy, and vote responsibly!

Femcee Madness Sweet 16: NE (NYC Vets)

Femcee Madness Sweet 16: SE (NJ/Philly Vets)




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