Femcee Madness Round 2: NW (Fresh)

Round 2 of the Fresh Femcees are ready for your votes. Check out the Spotify playlist to help you make your decisions about who you want to see in the Sweet 16!

bracket (2)

(1)Nicki Minaj    vs.    (9)Ms. Jade

Nicki Minaj is an obvious favourite in this competition, and this past week she finally clapped back to Remy’s Dis Track (although it was somewhat disappointing). Her featured verse below is considered legendary, putting her on the map before she’d released a full LP.  Ms. Jade squeezed out a tight win over Jackie O to get here. She has been back in the game lately with freestyles and remixes on youtube, but whether that will be enough to beat Nicki is up to you.

Ms. Jade’s verse is near 2:40

(5) M.I.A.    vs.    (4) Rah Digga

This is by far the roughest match for me this round. MIA is clearly a creative genius, and gave very few votes to her opponent last round, Khia. Rah Digga had a slightly tougher match against underground fave, Dessa, but the classic flip mode femcee grabbed 70% of the votes and will no doubt make this one a scrappy, close fight.

Rah Digga shows up just after 1:15.

(3) Remy Ma    vs.    (11) Snow Tha Product

Remy Ma is another favourite in this competition, pretty much obliterating Lady Luck in the first round. It could be argued that she just beat Nicki in battle and is coming back hard. However, before she faces her most recent arch nemesis she’ll have to beat this unstoppable vote-in winner, Snow Tha Product. I can’t help but post her Hamilton feature here, since that’s where I woke up to her skills.

Check out Remy’s verse at 3:00

Snow shows up at 1:30

(10) Sa-Roc    vs.    (2) Trina

Not only did Sa-Roc pull off an upset against RaSheeda, she also went home with 90% of the votes last round. Meanwhile Trina nearly lost her spot to 15th seed, Lil Mama, but managed to hold her lead in the end. I like this match up – these two rappers could not be more different from one another, so it may be hard to vote, but I’m excited to see who comes through.

Sa-Roc’s at 1:28

Trina shows up just after the 0:50 mark.

Don’t forget to vote for the rest of the Fresh(est) Femcees here: Femcee Madness Round 2: SW (Freshest)


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