Femcee Madness Round 2: SE (Other Vets)


Round two will continue mostly highlighting featured verses of each rapper left in the competition. In order to help give you a slightly larger sample of each artist’s work, feel free to check out my Spotify playlists for each bracket. This link will take you to the one for the Veterans below. Onwards!

(1) Lauryn Hill     vs.    (8) Monie Love

Former Fugee, Ms. Lauryn Hill took down the sequence with one fell swoop, and is now coming for the sweet looking little boss from the UK, Monie Love.  Monie Love won’t go down without a fight though, after beating the Southern beast, Shawnna with 66% of the votes. Most of Lauryn’s non-fuggee collaborations feature her singing a hook, which is a shame. Although Ms. Hill’s voice is phenomenal, in her words, “her rhymes is heavy, like the mind of sister Betty”. Both videos below are collaborations featuring a number of other femcees.

You’ll find Lauryn at 2:44.

Monie has a couple verses, one at 0:40 and again at 2:14.

(5) Missy Elliott     vs.    (4) Queen Latifah

The crazy thing about this match-up is that either of these hip hop pioneers could win this entire competition. Both women had no trouble in round 1, Missy Elliott taking 100% of the votes from JJ Fad, who arguably never had the chance to prove themselves outside of the very early rap they helped popularize. Queen Latifah beat out the exceptional underdog MC Trouble, who simply doesn’t have enough material to truly contend against a great like this. I get that this is a tough one, and as I write this I have absolutely no idea who I hope will make the Sweet 16.

The Queen begins this one, but if you keep watching you’ll get a verse from Yo Yo, Left Eye, and Nefertiti.

(3) Eve     vs.     (6) Da Brat

This feels like an especially appropriate showdown between two 90s rap goddesses. Eve flew into the second round as if there wasn’t a competition before now, while Da Brat fought against No Limit’s Mia X tooth and nail to get here.

This remix of Ludacris’ “My Chick Bad” has verses from Diamond and Trina from the NW bracket too, but it ends with Eve’s around the 2:10 mark.

Da Brat shows up on this Missy track at about 2:45

(10) Yo Yo     vs.     (2) Left Eye

Yo Yo provided us with our very first upset of the tournament, having very little trouble taking out the lady of Three 6 Mafia, Gangsta Boo. Meanwhile, Left Eye of TLC obliterated Nikki D, stealing every single vote you made.

Yo Yo can be found at 1:48, but the track also features MC Lyte and Queen Latifah!

Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes can be found at 2:25.

If you haven’t yet voted for the north half of the veterans bracket, make sure to click that link. All the veterans polls will be open for exactly one week, closing on Monday March 19th! Thanks for voting, and share the madness!




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