Diva Madness: Sweet 16, Part 2

In Part 1, you voted on the west side of the brackets for divas that have started their careers after 1990.  Part 2 will make our way to the other side and vote for classic divas who were well established by the time the 80s were winding down.  For the full updated brackets, click this link.  Ok, time to see who is still in this, beginning with the quadrant that has dealt me the sharpest dagger to the heart, by eliminating Janet Jackson.


MADONNA (1) vs. STEVIE (5)

These two divas in many ways could not have more different careers.  Stevie has been most successful as a offering lead vocals (and personality) to Fleetwood Mac, while Madonna has been a solo act from day one.  They are 10 years apart in age, but both women were born to perform, and have proven they will not let anything stop them from touring past any kind of retirement.

ANNIE (11) vs. WHITNEY (2)

While Annie Lennox has been fighting her way to get here, first against Heart’s Ann Wilson, and next against my spirit animal, Janet, Whitney has barely had any competition in this tournament so far.  That could change here and now, although based on brackets you’ve sent me, Whitney seems to be the overwhelming favourite to represent in the final four.  Then again, I know at least one guy who is determined to see Annie Lennox win this whole thing…

And on to the final quadrant of classic ladies…


BARBRA (1) vs. ARETHA (5)

Is it just me, or did this just get very real?  Here we have two incomparable divas up against each other, for your comparison.  It’s completely conceivable that either of these women could take it all the way to the end of this competition.  Although Barbra is a top seed, she has already matched up against legendary women, and Aretha’s win over Tina last round was an incredibly tight race until she pulled ahead in the last few days.

ELLA (6) vs. DIANA (2)

I have no idea how to decide between these two women.  Both have phenomenal stage presence, even when they barely move, and not only are they vocally talented, but they have richly unique voices that can be recognized by the most novice of fans.  Appropriately enough, just 2 years ago The Montreal Jazz Festival recognized Diana Ross with an award named after her opponent here.  Which diva would you most like to see in the Elite 8?

That’s it for round 3!  If you haven’t yet, don’t forget to vote for the other half here, and check back next week for the Elite 8!


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