Diva Madness Round 2: Modern Divas

Even before the NCAA’s March Madness has their Selection Sunday announcing their seeds and brackets, Diva Madness is ready for your final decisions about which divas will progress into our Sweet 16.  Here are the last 4 polls of round 2, all pairing up modern divas for your votes.

bracket (4)

Beyoncé (1) vs. Kelly Clarkson (8)

Not even the tragic death of Amy Winehouse could prevent Beyoncé from advancing to this round, and now she goes up against America’s sweetheart idol, Kelly Clarkson.  Though they are stylistically different, both Bey and Kelly are first and foremost powerful vocalists who have learned to do a whole heck of a lot more than sing.  Ok, I might be talking about one person more than another, but it is simply not possible for me to fake objectivity.  Votes are anonymous.

Katy Perry (5) vs. Lady Gaga (4)

These are two modern-pop-defining, novelty-loving superstars, and now they appropriately go head-to-head.  While both have been known for their over-the-top antics, they have also proven to be go-to acts for events such as The Oscars or The Superbowl in recent years.  Also, they really inspire hyphens!

Jennifer Hudson (14) vs. Adele (6)

At the 14th seed, JHUD upset the 3rd place to be here and goes up against one of the most popular voices of pop music right now, Adele.  I would absolutely love these two to have a sing off in real life, and to be honest, they both have such great and quirky personalities, I’d love to just watch them hang out on a reality show.  Who should I talk to in order to make that happen?  In addition to the performances below, consider checking out both women on James Cordon’s “Carpool Karaoke” – they are two of his most entertaining guests so far.

P!nk (7) vs. Rihanna (2)

Once again, we have two artists that both have been selected to win this bracket by some who have predicted their final four.  P!nk seems to be on a bit of a break from the spotlight, but there is no doubt she’ll be back with anthemic vocals and some new performance trick any day now.  Meanwhile, with her most recent release, ANTI, Rihanna just became the only artist to have #1 Hot 100 singles from 7 consecutive albums.  I’m also curious who you think would win a fist fight, but maybe that’s a conversation for the comment section.

There are still a few more days to vote on the other brackets, so in case you’ve missed any, here are the links, and how long their polls will be open.  Otherwise, get your friends voting, and prepare for Sweet 16 starting Wednesday, March 8th!

Classic Divas (Until 12am, Sat. March 4th)

1980s Divas (Until 12am, Sun. March 5th)

1990s Divas (Until 12am, Mon. March 6th)



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