Diva Madness Round 2: 1990s

This particular quadrant has had two of the biggest upsets and several of the tightest competitions so far in Diva Madness. Heels are coming off and nails are out, so scroll down to make some choices, and check back to watch the drama!  

bracket (4)

Mariah Carey (1) vs. Toni Braxton (8)

Both of these surviving divas beat Faith to be here.  Mariah had no trouble beating out Faith Evans, who unfortunately just never had the fame to match her vocal talent.  And let’s face it, for several people, Mariah is the definition of diva.  But now she goes up against Toni Braxton, who has strong supporters that made her competition last round the most voted poll of the entire tournament to send her past beloved country star, Faith Hill.

Mary J. Blige (5) vs. Missy Elliott (13)

Though they were debuting their careers in the 90s, both of these divas have become model legends in their respective fields (R&B and Hip Hop).  While individual styles haven’t changed that much, both MJB and Missy have found ways to make music 20 years later that still speaks to us and makes us want to dance.  Missy is one of the lowest seeds to make it this far already, upsetting the 4th ranked J.Lo.  This vote could come down to a simple question of taste.  Either way, it’s up to you.

Britney Spears (3) vs. Lauryn Hill (11)

Even though these two divas could not be more different, this somehow feels right considering where they are at now.  Both have plummeted into scandal and fell far from the spotlight for a time, and while they have had some degree of comeback, they are more known for their flakiness or entitled attitude.  Judge them based on whatever you choose, but try not to forget them at their best.

Christina Aguilera (7) vs. Celine Dion (2)

Here we have a real battle of voices, and on top of that both Celine and Christina are represented in a few folks’ final four picks.  Christina Aguilera has constantly reinvented herself through many mini-eras of style and expression, while Celine has held her own, solidly depending on her unique sound and immaculate technique.  I have a feeling that this one is going to be a tight race.

If you haven’t already, please place your vote on the Classic Era as well as the 1980s Era divas – polls for both will be open until this weekend – and check back tomorrow to vote for your favourite Modern Era divas!


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