Diva Madness Round 2: 1980s

In round 1, this category of divas had only a few competitions that were note-worthily close.  No wins were at 100%, but some of them got close to that.  Before looking at the scores, I had the impression that more of these were upsets, but it turns out that I was just rooting for the underdogs in a few more match-ups than usual.  We might as well get on to the devastation, see the new match-ups, and make some more hard choices.

bracket (4)

Madonna (1) vs. Paula Abdul (9)

Ok, I have to admit that this match-up seems somewhat meant to be, especially now that we get to watch some dance tracks, which both of these divas own.  Don’t get me wrong, I was under no impression that Grace Jones (an icon ahead of her time) would beat commercial powerhouse Madonna.  But Chaka Khan!?  I take personal issue with anyone who voted Paula over Chaka.  Including 8 year old me, who most certainly would have.  Anyway, these two dancers grew into massive superstars, and now this feels like it was meant to be.  It’s up to you to decide: Paula or Madonna?

Stevie Nicks (5) vs. Gloria Estefan (4)

More and more in this tournament, we are seeing legends go head to head, and this is another one of those instances.  As a solo artist, Stevie Nicks gave us a huge range of emotion and energy, and without her we may never have heard Destiny’s Child’s “Survivor,” which heavily sampled and and drew inspiration from “Edge of Seventeen”.  Gloria Estefan had a much nastier fight with Pat Benatar to get to this round, but she’s here ready to represent with one of the best party songs of the 1980s.  This could get ugly, but both these epic women will certainly look great in the process.

Janet Jackson (3) vs. Annie Lennox (11)

Both of these particular 80’s divas really took their careers to the next level in the 90’s, and continue to shine as maternal music figures even now.  With last year’s album, Unbreakable, Janet is solidly in her 4th decade of new material and touring.  Annie Lennox performed one of the only upsets in this bracket category, barely giving Heart’s lead sister, Ann Wilson, any chance of moving forward.  She continued to remind us that her voice is no joke when she showed up at the 2015 Grammys and made us forget nearly every other performance that night.

Cyndi Lauper (7) vs. Whitney Houston (2)

I really thought Sade might have had a chance against Cyndi, but it was not meant to be.  We all know “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” already, so instead I’ll leave her doing a Prince song – I adore her version of this.  Whitney destroyed Debbie Gibson to be here, which shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.  To be honest, I was shocked to see Debbie get the few votes she did receive.  Similarly, I won’t play Whitney’s biggest dance track, but instead here is a solid single that happens to be one of my personal faves.

There is still some time to vote in round 2 of the Classic Divas – until the night of Saturday, March 12th – so head over there if you haven’t yet, and come back tomorrow for the next category!


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