Soundtrack Madness Final Four


Our brackets are down to the Final 4, with only one surviving soundtrack from each quadrant left to battle into the final round.  Without any further ado, let’s take a look at the contenders…

Purple RainCatchMeThe top seed of the Featured-Artist Albums, Purple Rain, is likely no surprise to most soundtrack fans.  But it did see its fair share of close calls – especially with The Bodyguard which Prince beat narrowly with just one vote.  Catch Me If You Can on the other hand, was seeded in the last and 16th spot, and has consistently beaten more popular and better reviewed albums.  I actually had these two in my Final Four predictions, but then changed them when I just couldn’t fathom that Catch Me would get this far, so I am pretty excited to see this match up! Once again, the choice is yours…

Romeo_+_Juliet_Soundtrack_Vol._1O Brother, WAT?Though the tracks on these records are different, these two soundtracks take a similar approach of using their music to build the world in which these classic literature adaptations exist:  Romeo + Juliet juxtaposes a world of guns and cell phones with a Shakespearian script, adding even more of a sense of familiar chaos with 90’s pop/rock, while O Brother, Where Art Thou paints Homer’s Odyssey in Mississippi during the Great Depression using the soulful blues and country of that period.  I do find it interesting that one of the least musical-like albums won the Musicals bracket, but I think this will give us a far fairer fight here and now.  Now, do what you will.

The Final Four polls will be open until midnight (EST) of Wednesday, April 15th – so vote and share quickly, and check back soon after that for our final championship!


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