Soundtrack Madness: Instrumentals Round 2

Round2 Instrumental Just a few more polls to keep round 2 moving towards the sweet 16.  This time we have our (mostly) instrumental albums ready for battle.

CatchMePsychoJohn Williams’ Catch Me If You Can is the only 16th seed that made it past the first round, and it is full of super catchy saxophone lines, so I’m a fan.  Psycho has a drastically different feel, keeping you on the edge of your seat with or without visuals.  What’ll it be?

220px-StarWarsOSTBladeRunnerThis is a great matchup.  Another John Williams’ masterpiece in Star Wars goes up against the dark and synth heavy Blade Runner.  Both are full of great music, and although both contain some iconic themes, somehow I’ve found neither of these albums too distracting while attempting to work at home.

MissionPinkPanther This would be a tough competition even if it were only between the two theme songs, “Gabriel’s Oboe,” from The Mission and “The Pink Panther Theme,” from The Pink Panther.  Both soundtracks tease out their theme songs with songs that hold down a pretty consistent sound and style.  At risk of showing my cards, I’d be happy for either of these albums to make it to the final 4.

Gone_With_The_WindP33P20026220px-Chariots-of-fire-albumThis matchup contains two underdogs that beat out Drive and The Piano to be here.  Gone With the Wind is a dynamic, emotional orchestral soundtrack with a flare for the dramatic.  So is Vangelis’ Chariots of Fire, now that I think about it, though it was composed mostly electronically, and is not quite as brash.

If you haven’t yet voted for the other brackets, links are below!

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