Soundtrack Madness: Compilations Round 2

All the first round polls are closed and winners have moved on to face new challenges!  Here’s the updated bracket, with the 32 remaining albums.  OSTround2Several more polls to vote on, but for now we’ll focus on the Compilations Quadrant in the top right.  Let’s take a closer look.  OSTround2 CompilationTrainspottingNaturalBornKillersThe number one seed of the bracket, Trainspotting, predictably moves ahead to take on a fairly similar compilation in the Trent Reznor produced Natural Born Killers.  Both are dark and ecclectic mid-90’s film soundtracks that require time and energy to give a full listen to, but they’re well worth it.  Each of these albums can feel like films on their own, pulling songs together that otherwise have no logical connections.  If you’re a big fan of either of these soundtracks, I’d also recommend Velvet Goldmine for Trainspotting fans, and The Big Lebowski for NBK fans.  But before you go do that, you should make a choice.

PrettyInPinkBigChillFifth-seed Pretty in Pink has already beat out one ode to the 1960’s in Stand By Me, but now faces the Motown-heavy contender, The Big Chill.  The 12th seed may be technically the underdog here, but is full of some of the most well-known classics branded as the “music of a generation.”  Then again, Pretty in Pink could just as easily be described as the music of a generation: one of shoulder pads, big hair, and great accessories.  Now that the 80’s is considered retro, this is going to be a tricky decision.

 JuiceRomeo_+_Juliet_Soundtrack_Vol._1Both Juice and Romeo + Juliet were victorious underdogs in round one, and I was so not-so-secretly happy to see them upset the higher seeded American Graffiti and Garden State respectively.  Each is a well crafted album full of popular artists from different times and contexts meant to set a tone more than create hits (though both are full of some fantastic hit tracks too).

ReservoirDogsPulp FictionIt seems rather appropriate that two Tarantino film soundtracks would match up in this bracket.  Both Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction were favoured in the first round, and are very much in the same style of juxtaposing cheerful tracks with explicit and often violent film dialogue, giving the soundtracks a feel that is consistent with the movies themselves.  These are quite easily two of the best examples of this style of soundtrack, and I expect this will be a relatively close race.


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