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Beyoncé Madness: That Love Cray

It’s time for a long-awaited announcement.  For a the first couple days, our final poll between Crazy in Love and Say My Name was a close match, but with a little extra time to vote, our winner pulled further and further ahead for a clear 17-10 victory.

As a quick aside, if you have the means to search and watch it, you may enjoy an SNL clip that references both of our finalists.  Find the season finale of this past season, and watch the first sketch – a Solange and Jay Z skit (with a special appearance by Maya Rudolph as Queen Bey).  It’s so worth it.

Okay, so now what you’ve all been waiting for.  Readers, our collective-favourite Beyoncé single of all time is…




This performance is missing Jay, but it feels the most celebratory.  Please do not miss her Gnarles Barkley quote at 2:10.  I think what impresses me most is that we continue to completely embrace a song whose hook includes reference to a pager.  I mean, a pager.  Could you choose a more dated piece of technology?  And not dated in a cool, vintage, ironic/nostalgic kind of way, like say, a cassette tape.  Perhaps it helps that the pager reference was already a little dated when Crazy in Love was first released.  Anyway, whatever the reason, we absolutely love it, pager reference and all.  Let’s take a look at the journey this song took to get here, shall we?

bracket (5)

Once establishing itself as a contender with some easy wins early on, CiL rose as the favourite track in the collaboration bracket with little competition.  In the semi-finals, it had to take on the current single with real time radio-play, Drunk in Love.  But nostalgia won out, and the 2003 single went up against our favourite Destiny’s Child single, Say My Name.  I have to admit, I saw Crazy in Love in my final four, but I did not believe it would face off well against my other choices, none of which made it past the sweet 16.  How did your predictions go?

After more than 5 months of listening to nearly no one else other than Beyoncé on my stereo and headphones, I think I may be ready to get excited about some new music.  I’ll try to keep you posted.

Thanks to everyone who voted!  Feel free to participate in the poll on the side bar to decide what album I should blog about next.

I’ll leave you with one final cover of our fave Bey track by the Brit, Emeli Sande.  You may recognize it from The Great Gatsby soundtrack.