Beyoncé Madness: Elite Eight

queenmotherbeyonceSorry for the wait, but we are finally down to having only two songs for each quadrant.  8 great songs, 4 hard choices.  Let’s get right down to it, shall we?  Click on the song titles to open a new page that links to the videos, in case you need a refresher.

We begin with our two apparently favourite Destiny’s Child tracks, both of which barely beat out their last competitors.  SURVIVOR (which ain’t gon’ give up, it’s not gon’ stop, it’s gon’ work harder) or SAY MY NAME (if you ain’t runnin games, you better say it’s name) – what’s it gon’ be?

One decision you don’t have to worry about making is whether or not our favourite collaboration is with Jay Z, because our two finalists are both team JayBey.  ’03 BONNIE & CLYDE (down the road to the very end, it’s Beyoncé and her boyfriend) or CRAZY IN LOVE (got me lookin’ so crazy right now, this choice got me lookin’ so crazy right now).

As we move chronologically through Beyoncé’s history, we come to the remaining solo singles, which have both seemed to have a fairly easy road to this point, generally winning their match-ups by a handful of votes at minimum.  I’m hoping that means a close race between LOVE ON TOP (the one that gives it’s all, the one you can always call) and SINGLE LADIES (if you liked it then you better put your vote on it).

And finally, last but certainly not least, your favourite tracks from the newest album.  While the first of these two has been a clear favourite, ahead of its competition by decent margins, the second has been in some of the closest polls of the entire bracket.  Anything could happen now that ***FLAWLESS (It woke up like this) will go up against DRUNK IN LOVE (surfboard).



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