Beyoncé Madness Round 2 Part II: Solos + Destiny’s Child

beyoncesoloBEYONCÉ SOLOS

Now for the straight-up, non-collaborated Bey doing her independent woman thing sans Destiny’s Child.  Somehow I feel like these match-ups make a bit more sense than most in this round.  Not that a good match-up will make your decisions any easier…

(1) Irreplaceable                 vs.                (8) Love on Top

The brilliant song that gets away with rhyming “minute” with “minute” against the song with all the key changes.

(5) If I Were A Boy                  vs.                   (4) Halo

Both of these ballads were the expected winners from round one and they both come from her 2008 album, I am… Sasha Fierce.  Both are regularly covered on singing competitions, which I think proves their strength as songs, but also may make you incredibly sick of them.  So really, anything can happen here.

(14) End of Time                  vs.              (11) Run the World (Girls)

In contrast to the last poll, these two tracks were both underdogs in round 1, and are both huge, anthemic-like club tracks that cover such great themes as Time itself, and running the planet.  Since End of Time doesn’t have a video, I’ve posted great performances for both of these songs.

(7) Best Thing I Never Had             vs.              (2) Single Ladies

An amazing break-up track that already beat out Diva goes up against the iconic Single Ladies. To sum up:  It sucks to be you right now, but if you like it than you should put a vote on it.


For the final set of polls, Beyoncé has some help from a couple of her friends – always Kelly, and sometimes Lativia and Latoya, while other times Michelle – over a time span of 8 years.  Together, Destiny’s Child has to date sold more than 60 million records, making them the second top selling girls’ group of all time (the first being Spice Girls).  Let’s get to it.

(1) Independent Women Part 1          vs.          (8) No No No Part 2

Both tracks are old school DC.  No No No Pt 2 being the original group’s very first successful single, and Independent Women one of the first single’s recorded with Michelle.

(5) Survivor                                  vs.                        (4) Lose My Breath

I feel as though even a person who has spent their life trying to avoid these songs has heard them. Honestly, what are the chances that someone who has come to vote on their favourite Beyoncé songs doesn’t know Survivor or Lose My Breath?  So, just to mix it up, here are a couple covers of the songs.  You can always find them on youtube if you really need to.

(3) Say My Name                         vs.                      (6) Bills, Bills, Bills

The two biggest singles from the original DC line up of Bey, Kelly, Lativia, and Latoya, both from the 1999 album The Writing’s On The Wall, and, coincidentally, both songs exist to call out a lame ass boyfriend (aka a good-for-nothin’ type a brotha).

(10) Bootylicious                          vs.                   (2) Jumpin’ Jumpin’

The final poll for this round features two wonderful tracks, full of literal bounce.  Bootylicious crushed Nasty Girl to get here, and although Jumpin’ Jumpin’ was expected to beat out So Good, the margin was surprisingly substantial.

That’s it, that’s all!  If you haven’t voted on the other half of the brackets yet, click this link.


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