Beyoncé Madness Round 2 Part I: Visual Album + Collaborations

bracket (3)I realize that it’s been a bit of wait, but now all the first round polls have been closed and the brackets have been updated.  Feel free to print and/or download the link from the image above if you’re following along.  I have 16 new and difficult decisions for you to make, but I have broken them into two separate blog posts.  For this particular post you’ll be asked to vote on your favourites in two bracket categories: the newest Beyoncé “visual” album, and the collaborations.  So get comfortable and get decisive!


In her self-titled December-2013-released “visual” album, Beyoncé has introduced us to some of her best music to date, and I know you must agree, since these songs received more votes than any of the others in the first round.  There’s still an issue of actually embedding these videos, so just click the pictures to open a new tab and link to a video.

(1) Grown Woman                    vs.                  (9) Pretty Hurts

The bonus video that beat out one of my personal favourite Jay Z/Beyoncé collaborations (21-7) goes up against the winning ballad of the first round that took out Heaven similarly, 20-8.  Other than that, I have no idea how to compare these two songs.



(12) Superpower                 vs.                     (4) ***Flawless

The underdog collaboration with Frank Ocean has already beat the odds by winning against XO, so its title may be apt.  But can it beat the equally appropriately-named ***Flawless?  You tell me.



(3) Partition                       vs.                         (6) Rocket

I like to call this match-up the sexy-off.  Possibly two of the hottest songs from an incredibly hot album.  Which one do you like better?



(7) Blue                      vs.                   (2) Drunk in Love

And here is what I think is our funniest match-up, though I guess they’re both sort of family-related…




Some of our all-time favourite Beyoncé tracks are collaborations.  Based on the choices that made it through to this round, it seems that you have preferred her work with rappers… one in particular.  I would venture a pretty safe guess that she prefers those collabs too.  Still, there are still some other collaborations in this bracket that have the strength to go all the way.

(1) Baby Boy ft. Sean Paul   vs.   (9) Upgrade You ft. Jay-Z

Both of these tracks beat out their first-round competitors without much effort.  Something tells me this will be a much closer race.

(5) Telephone with Lady Gaga           vs.              (4) ’03 Bonnie & Clyde with Jay-Z

With the videos in mind, this is kind of the perfect match-up.  Your choice is between the somewhat insane and cartoony Thelma & Louise inspired Gaga collab, and the more traditional devotion and trust between criminals in love as in ’03 Bonnie & Clyde.

(5) Check On It ft Slim Thug         vs.       (11) Lift Off with Kanye West and Jay-Z

Pink Panther takes on Watch the Throne.  Lift Off is definitely the underdog in this race, but it’s already proven itself by beating out the Shakira favourite Beautiful Liar.  Ok, actually, I’m not surprised about that.  Does Shakira remind the rest of you of a cartoon goat?  Anyway, enough about that.  Sorry for the fan-made video of Lift Off, but it’s all I can find.

(7) Deja Vu ft. Jay-Z                vs.            (2) Crazy in Love ft. Jay-Z

The power couple faces off with themselves.  It was inevitable.  The only big question is… how many times will this happen before the final poll?  Deja Vu seems to be the kind of song that everyone forgot, but loves, while Crazy in Love was the only song that won with a unanimous vote.

Check back tomorrow for the other half of the brackets, and let me know what you think will make it to the final 4!

*update: Round 2 is up!  Go vote here.


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