Beyonce Madness: Destiny’s Child Era

destiny's childWhat we’re gonna do right now is go back.  Back in time, when Beyoncé’s solo career was just an inevitable dream.  Destiny’s Child may have gone through a few changes in personnel, but Beyoncé Knowles and Kelly Rowland were what made this group consistent.  When Michelle Williams joined the group in 2000, they had finally found the Cindy Birdsong to their Diana and Mary.  Right?  I used to think all the Supremes comparisons were silly, but it’s actually a little ridiculous how similar these two girl groups were!  Anyway, I digress.  It’s time to get your vote on.

1. Independent Women Part 1 vs. Brown Eyes

Independent Women Part 1 is seeded at the top because it continues to be Beyoncé’s most successful single on the billboards ever, with 11 weeks at the top of the charts.  From the same album (and configuration of the group), it goes up against Brown Eyes, a lovely and underrated ballad that is 100% fronted by Beyoncé.  I’m not sure if it counts as a love song, when the whole time they are singing about how this guy with brown eyes is obviously in love with her.  Still, it has a great hook.

9. Soldier (featuring Lil Wayne and T.I.) vs 8. No No No Part 2 (featuring Wyclef Jean)

I had completely forgotten about Soldier before creating these brackets.  It’s the most hip-hop inspired song on the group’s last album together, Destiny Fulfilled.  And look at Lil’ Wayne!  He’s so lil!  Watch for an appearance from Beyoncé’s lil sis, Solange near the end.  Its competition, No No No Part 2, is DC’s very first single in 1997, recorded by the original line-up of Destiny’s Child.

5. Survivor vs. 12. Cater 2 U

Survivor the album was named after the group had been completely revamped (and not without legal drama) to replace Lativia and Latoya with Michelle Williams (and short-lived Farrah Franklin).  After a radio DJ publicly compared the group to the reality television show Survivor, they embraced rather than fought the image.  Four years later, Cater 2 U seems like a step backwards in to time and patriarchy, where the three independent women don’t seem to rule out finding a terribly dependent man.  I actually love everything about the song, except for the lyrics.

13. Bug A Boo vs. 4. Lose My Breath

Bug A Boo from 1999’s The Writing’s on the Wall received most of its success via music video as opposed to radio play, probably because Kobe Bryant has a cameo.  It goes up against a Jay-Z tweaked Lose My Breath from Destiny Fulfilled, which continues to be one of DC’s most successful singles ever, heavily sampling from real live university marching band.

3. Say My Name vs. 14. Girl

The song that really showcased B’s particular gift in the realm of suspicious/jealous girlfriend songs, goes against a song that is basically vowing to ovaries before broveries.  And as much as I love singing along with the harmonies in Say My Name, I would describe it as a bit overrated, while I’d describe Girl as the most underrated single of Destiny’s Child.  That would perhaps put them on relatively equal ground?  Well, that’s up to you.

11. Emotion vs. 6. Bills Bills Bills

On Survivor, DC proved that they can pull off a serious cover with the Bee Gee’s classic, Emotion.  Slightly earlier, in 1999, they were setting the trend of complaining about freeloading boyfriends with Bills Bills Bills – the same year that TLC released No Scrubs.  But TLC didn’t have the double-split-screen thing going for them.

7. Nasty Girl vs. 10. Bootylicious

This seems like an appropriate match-up since the songs are back-to-back on the album, Survivor.  In Nasty Girl, the women of DC direct their attitude towards another woman whom they consider “nasty” because she is wearing a slightly more skimpy outfit than they themselves wear.  I’m not a big fan of the slut-shaming, but I do really like Beyoncé’s hair in this video.  Bootylicious combines two of my favourite things: making up new words and Stevie Nicks.  Also, the video is one big MJ tribute, so that’s pretty cool.

15. So Good vs. 2. Jumpin’ Jumpin’

Two early DC tracks, both from The Writing’s on the WallJumpin’ Jumpin is great for getting ready to go out, while So Good is a feel-good track about winning a breakup.  So Good unfortunately does not have an official video, but the video below shows DC performing at Jam in the Park.

That’s it for this region, but if you haven’t voted on the songs from Beyoncé’s most recent album, the polls are still open for another couple of days.  I’ll have the solo career bracket up for your voting pleasure sometime this weekend, so check back soon!


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