Music Madness: Elite Eight

Today is one of my favourite days of the year because it is the day that the final four NCAA basketball teams of March Madness battle in two games to determine who will play the finals on Monday.  I have a bit of time between games, so it’s time to finally move on to the March Music Madness’ match-ups between the Elite Eight!  Basically, these are the finals of each conference/era, so it’s kind of a big deal.  What albums do you want to represent each conference in the final 4?

*UPDATE: These brackets will be open for a short time only.  Get your votes in here before 7pm PST on Apr. 8th, and make sure you come back soon after that for the Final Four!

For the Since 2000 Conference we have Radiohead and Arcade Fire.

in rainbows discin rainbows back


funeral funeralback

In the 90’s we have Ms. Lauryn Hill going up against Nirvana.




In the 70’s-80’s Conference, I was shocked to learn that The Joshua Tree is going up against Thriller.



thrillerslice thrillerback

And finally, for the music of the 1950’s/60’s Conference, two downright classics in Kind of Blue and Abbey Road go head-to-head.





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