Music Madness: The Sweet Sixteen

After a busy Easter weekend, I am finally getting around to posting the next round of voting for Music Madness! The albums have been narrowed to only four in each conference. Check out this updated bracket to see where all the albums are at, then come back and vote.  Polls will be open for a shorter time than usual, so make your picks and check back on the weekend for the Elite Eight.  For now, here’s who has made it this far…


Coldplay’s Rush of Blood to the Head surprised me by beating out Kid A in round 2, and now they’re up against yet another Radiohead gem, In Rainbows.  Any opinion here?  


Arcade Fire destroyed The White Stripes’ last at a Final Four shot, while Amy Winehouse has been slowly and steadily beating anyone who stands in her way.  This is an odd match up, with potential to get ugly.  

jaggedlittlepills miseducation

This seems fair: two of the most influential women in 90’s music going head to head with their most widely bought and heard albums.  In the last round, Alanis just barely scraped by Lauryn’s old group, The Fugees, with 51% of the vote – the closest of any polls so far.  Meanwhile Miseducation is the album that upset the #1 pick.  Clearly both are in it to win it.  

220px-Smashing_Pumpkins_-_Mellon_Collie_And_The_Infinite_Sadness nevermind

Two of the biggest records in 90’s alternative rock, both beating out some huge rap records to get here.  Both Mellon Collie and Nevermind had strong wins in round 2, giving me the suspicion that this will be a much closer matchup.  


For the record, the polls with Rumours in them have always had a few extra voters than the others, so it has some fans with opinions.  U2’s Joshua Tree however, is the #16 seed that has already upset another great album of the 70’s in Dark Side of the Moon.  This is a tricky one for me, but it’s up to you.  

SITKOL thriller

Thriller has not had an easy time in these brackets.  MJ has faced both Prince and Paul Simon so far, and now is up against one of his personal favourite albums.  This is the first time that Stevie has faced another R&B record, having faced only punk rock albums so far.  

kindofblue lovesupreme

Kind of Blue is the only #1 seed still in the game, and finally gets to face another brilliant jazz musician here.  Miles Davis has been up against classic soul records, while John Coltrane has been battling folk and rock to be here.  

petsounds abbeyroad

The Beatles’ final contender vs. this Beach Boys’ game changer.  Two iconic albums in competition is what this conference is all about.  


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