Music Madness

March is probably my favourite month.  This year it certainly is because I get to go on a vacation road-trip, but every year it’s a contender because of a little something known as March Madness.  I love college basketball, but almost just as much as I enjoy the actual game, I adore a good bracket tournament.  Seriously.  Look on its beauty.


This is why I’ve decided to create my own March Madness for Albums.  I plan to pair all kinds of music (64 albums in total) deemed to be “classic” by several different standards, and from many decades.  The top 8 from each region/era will be automatically seeded, (based on average reviews and album sales), while the following 8 will be selected by draw from a larger pot of contenders.  That’s where YOU come in – your personal favourites can make it into the tournament – just name them in the comments, and I’ll make sure they enter the draw.  Who will make the final four?  A long ranked #1 critic favourite?  Or a nostalgic album that tugs on everyone’s heartstrings?  I will take suggestions for at least a couple days, and then the brackets will be up in live in about a week.  Good luck to your favourite album!


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2 responses to “Music Madness”

  1. Jenny Richardson says :

    The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill – Lauryn Hill
    Graceland – Paul Simon
    Archandroid – Janelle Monae
    Thriller – Michael Jackson

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