The Video Stars: Top 10 Comedies

Time for my second installment of music videos.  Here’s my choices for the top 10 comedy music video.  Enjoy!

10.  I Feel Better – Hot Chip, 2010.  Directed by Peter Serafinowicz.

At first you just think it’s a great boy-band-parody video, and then a bizarre thing happens.  I nearly peed myself when I first saw this one.

9.  All the Small things – Blink 182, 1999.  Directed by Marcos Siega

Probably more the parody vid you were expecting.  Makes fun of nearly every bubblegum pop video that was out in the 90’s, and does so in true Blink 182 style.  Now when I see an old Backstreet Boys video, I think of this.  Classic. 

8.  Bien o Mal (Right or Wrong) – Julieta Venegas, 2010.  Directed by Agustin Alberdi.

So, I can’t understand any of the lyrics, which may actually be part of the charm of Bien o Mal.  I find it adorable, lovely, and terribly giggle-worthy.  Even better, it’s meant to be a feminist critique of who decides what is “lady-like”.  I am totally for this parallel universe, especially if I get to fart butterflies too!

7.  I’m On a Boat – The Lonely Island featuring T. Pain, 2009.  Directed by Akiva Schaffer.

The Lonely Island have now made a bunch of videos to choose from, but this one stands out for not only its humor, but production.  It looks like the kind of rap videos it’s making fun of, and got so much acclaim that  it was even nominated for a grammy!  Most importantly, I don’t think I’ve since been on any kind of boat without this song being referenced at least once.  Granted, I am usually doing the referencing…

6.  Frontier Psychiatry – The Avalanches, 2002.  Directed by Tom Kuntz & Mike Maguire.

This is possibly the most random music video I’ve ever seen, and yet it ideally suits the song (which is composed of samples from 37 different spoken tracks).  Plus, there is just something so awesome about an old woman playing the drums.  

5.  Learn to Fly – Foo Fighters, 2001.  Directed by Jesse Peretz.

I’ve been noticing that I especially love videos where someone in the band is duplicated.  This is an extreme example, and I absolutely love it.  Especially when Dave Grohl asks Dave Grohl for his autograph.  For fun, try to figure out which characters are all played by which band members.  Also, see if you can recognize the song that’s played muzak-style at the beginning. 

4.  Weapon of Choice – Fatboy Slim, 2001.  Directed by Spike Jonze.

What a beautiful marriage between band, director, and actor.  There is possibly no other actor that could have created the same effect that Christopher Walken does here; he has no deadpan/dance equal.  The comedy of this video relies entirely on his creepiness, and there was never any doubt it would succeed.

3.  Land of Confusion – Genesis, 1987.  Directed by John Lloyd & Jim Yukich

So many puppets, so much happiness.  Especially when the puppets represent Ronald and Nancy Reagan, a few other presidents and a whole host of celebrities.  The only video from the 80’s in this particular list, and isn’t it appropriate that it features puppets?  What was with the 80’s and puppets anyway?

2.  Praise You – Fatboy Slim, 1999.  Directed by Spike Jonze.

So great.  Yes, it looks like someone caught a flash mob on their camera phone, and that’s the point.  The choreography is wonderfully goofy, the crowd’s reactions are 100% genuine, and this likely goes down in history as the cheapest music video to ever be shown on MTV.  Also, whenever this song gets played at a party, guess what happens. 

1.  It’s Oh So Quiet – Bjork, 1995.  Directed by Spike Jonze. 

I won’t pretend like this was an easy choice; at some point I considered nearly all of the top 5 videos for the number 1 position.  Yet, it does seem appropriate that Spike Jonze is involved considering his name is on so many videos I would consider hilarious or clever.  You should probably go right now and watch his entire videography if you haven’t already.   

But in the end, Bjork’s emotional ode to falling in love stands out.  There are two thoughts that simultaneously enter my head when I watch this entertaining video: 1. Where did they come up with these ideas?  I could never have this kind of imaginitive creativity!  and 2.  This video is exactly what the song needs – no other video could have possibly existed!  It captures Bjork’s quirkiness, and her shifts between mellow and exstatic, with such fluidity considering they’re terribly abrupt.  Genius.  Also, I totally have “dance with a mailbox” on my bucketlist thanks to this.  Totes. 


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